FAQ: Museum
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Why so many expansions? Which one should I get?

Museum, at it's heart, was designed to be a fun and fluid game for all players and ages. However, given the scope of the theme, there's lot of elements that we wanted to include in order to enhance or vary your gaming experience. Each of the expansions represents one of these ideas. They are by no means obligatory for you to enjoy the game but they do add a large amount of replayability and modularity to Museum. Each one adds a different mechanic whether it be worker placement, Common objective pools, for agressive player interaction....

The choice is yours :)

Last updated: December 12, 2017 03:33

Will the expansions be available after the campaign?

With the exclusion of the Cthulhu expansion which is a KS exclusive all the expansion boxes will be available in retail (at a higher price) after the campaign ends.

Last updated: December 12, 2017 03:33

What's in the Cthulhu Relics Expansion box?

Our intrepid archaeologists have stumbled upon lost relics infused with the power of 6 Old Ones (one for each Domain in the game). These artefacts will now be corrupting your continent decks and have a chance to appear as cards are drawn. On top of their standard value and a domain, each object has a power that varies depending on which god it’s dedicated to. You can use these powers to bolster your museum's Domain Collections or hamper your rivals.

That’s not all however. Possessing these relics will cause you to earn “Occult” points. The player with the most Occult points at the end of game will score bonus victory points. On top of that, as soon as you gain 6 Occult points, you get to draw a “Disciple of the Occult” secret objective card (much like your Patron card) which will give you a chance to score even more points at the end of the game! Sounds good right? But beware, the Old One’s power comes at a price…

Playing the most powerful relics of a value of 5 will attract the eye of the terrifying beings that linger behind the veil of reality, with calamitous effects for your museum. These cards act as a sort of double-edged sword. Using Dagon's most powerful relic for example will flood your opponents' galleries, rending parts of them unusable. However, the Old One will return to take his due, and some of your gallery space will also disappear into the depths...

The expansion contains over 40 new components, including 24 Old one objects, character, Notoriety and Event cards as well as some different effects tokens, all contained within its own expansion box.

Last updated: December 12, 2017 03:19

What's in the World's Fair expansion box?

This expansion introduces 2 exciting new mechanics to the game, the Pavilion, and Loans.

The Pavilion is a common objective, that invites you to contribute artefacts to collections in the World’s Fair. On the Pavilion mini board, a Collection card is placed, which states which kinds of artefacts the World’s Fair is looking for. Any player can contribute a card, but they must be added to the Collection in the order stated! Each player has clips of their colour, which they attach to their objects to identify which cards they contributed. Each time a player adds a card they are rewarded with Prestige Points, and the player that contributes the most cards to the World’s Fair receives bonus points at the end of the game! The player that comes in second place also gets points.

But beware, if you allow one player to complete the Pavilion on their own, they walk away with first and second prize!

The World’s Fair expansion also introduces the Loans mechanic. This mechanic allows players to place artefacts into their opponents’ Museums! You simply add one of your player clips to any artefact card, then give it to a player of your choice. They cannot refuse your loan.

The player that the card originally belonged to scores the card’s value in Victory Points on the score tracker, the same way they would if they had played it into their own Museum. The player who receives the card simply adds it to their collections.

“But why would another player give me a card?” I hear you ask. Because by helping your Collection to grow, they score the difference between the number of points you were going to score thanks to your collection before receiving the card, and the number of points after.

You can watch a video of the gameplay here: https://youtu.be/vyaO-caHdSs

The Box contains: 3 Pavillion tiles 20 Pavillion Cards 40 Coloured clips 3 Personnel Cards 1 Notoriety Card 3 Event Cards Rulebook

Last updated: December 12, 2017 03:19

What's in the Archaeologists expansion box?

The expansion adds an extra step to the game: in order to exhibit precious artefacts in their Museums, our Curators will now need to send their agents out into the world to bring them back first!

Players will have to choose which Continents to send their archaeologists to carefully, as funding expeditions doesn’t come cheap. However, if you don’t have any agents present, you can’t bring objects back from that Continent ! Unless of course, you can convince one of your competitor’s staff to lend a hand…

So how does it work ? The expansion’s board has spaces for each Continent, on which you can place your agent meeples to symbolize expeditions that you are sending out. Each player starts with one agent that they can place on any Continent they wish for free. Once you have an agent on site, you can bring objects back from that Continent as normal during the Exploration phase. If you have no agent on a particular Continent, but another player does, you can pay them 1 Prestige point to use their staff to do the work for you. If there are no agents present on that Continent, then you can’t bring anything back at all !

You can also pay extra to send additional archaeologists to a given Continent. If you do so, you gain additional bonuses, such as extra Prestige points when you draw a card. Each additional agent you send out to the same Continent costs more than the last. However, if you are the first to develop a full network of 3 agents, you gain a considerable bonus ! The second player to do so also gets a (smaller) bonus.

The Archaeologists expansion brings a « race to the finish » aspect to Museum, as players rush to develop their networks of experts on the different Continents.

You can watch a video of the gameplay here: https://youtu.be/5UahhSQi2Yk

The box contains: 64 archaeologist markers 6 Personnel cards 2 Notoriety cards 3 Event cards 1 Rulebook

Last updated: December 12, 2017 03:19

What do you think about a printed mat to replace the boards?

We think that it would be a shame to get rid of those beautiful pieces of art ;)

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

Will there be a Stretch Goal with sleeves?

No, there won't.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

Will the KS Exclusive elements be marked with a logo / symbol?

Yes, they most likely will.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

How can I tell if a card belongs to an expansion?

Expansions cards will get a small distinguishing symbol.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

Won't the clips used in World's Fair destroy those beautiful cards?

The final version of the game will have clips especially designed to slot onto the cards without damaging them. Those used on the prototypes in the videos are...prototypes!

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

How good is the quality of components?

Cards are printed on 250g, matte material, and boards are made of 2mm thick cardboard.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

Why won't you use the real names of the museums showcased in the game?

Because those names are trademarks; to use them we would have to pay licensing fees, which would increase the price of the game.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

How can I get rid of shipping costs?

We have a network of partner stores (in France and Belgium currently) that you can use as delivery points for your game. Please check the list of partner stores on the main page.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

Will there be a All in Pledge, with everything at a discounted price?

Yes, there is a "Grand Gallery" pledge level (85€), with everything included: - Museum Core Box - The Crystal Skulls Expansion (KS Exclusive) - The Cthulhu Relics Expansion (KS Exclusive) - The World's Fair Expansion - The Archaeologists Expansion - The Black Market Expansion - The People's Choice Expansion - All Unlocked Stretch Goals

Last updated: December 13, 2017 14:59

Will there be a Dinosaurs expansion?

No there won't, because the main focus of the game is Civilizations. The Prehistoric Era doesn't really fit the theme, but one day we could make Museum : Natural History.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

Will you make a Print & Play version?

No, we won't.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

Will I be able to fit the content of the extensions (without their boxes) into the base game box? Will I get an insert to fit all of it?

No, expansions content won't fit into the base game box. You will be able to fit the base game content and all Stretch Goals, even if you use sleeves, and fit them snugly in the insert.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

Will all of the additional elements (SG and expansions) fit into the base game box?

All of the Stretch Goals will fit into the base game box. The extensions we get their own boxes (painted with skill and love by Vincent). Two extensions' boxes side by side match the footprint of the base box, so they will fit nicely.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

Can we play a game with all the expansions included?

Technically yes, but be aware that this will greatly add to the game's duration and complexity.

Last updated: December 14, 2017 01:40

Will there be a Deluxe version?

No! We've been doing our very best to keep the price of the game down, and making a Deluxe box would raise it a lot, so we've chosen not to.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

Will the alternate Museum layouts be printed on standalone boards?

They will most likely be printed on the back of the regular Museum boards.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

What do the alternative Museum layouts bring to the game?

The alternative layouts add some challenge to the game, because they make it harder to use one card in two collections (and thus to obtain sweet victory points). The High Rooms are also different sizes and layouts, which can make them easier or harder to fill.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

Where can I watch / read reviews?

Rahdo Runs through (EN) : https://youtu.be/ldMvphO_7O0 Rahdo's final thoughts (EN) : https://youtu.be/xiloC6_d9CQ Barry Doublet (EN) : https://youtu.be/fVK0YlCCneI Board games everybody should... (article, EN) : http://www.boardgameseverybodyshould.com/kickstarters/digging-up-the-past Cwowd (article, FR): https://www.cwowd.com/museum-faites-le-entrer-dans-votre-collection/ Tric trac (article, FR) : https://www.trictrac.net/actus/museum Ludovox (article, FR) : http://ludovox.fr/museum-prenez-votre-billet/

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

Where can I watch a video explaining the rules?

Again, on our Youtube Channel, in French and English : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDjLiJHsV3eLB9MMxallAEw TricTrac, rules explained : https://www.trictrac.net/actus/museum-de-lexplication

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

Where can I watch gameplay videos?

You can visit the HGG Youtube Channel, there you'll find base game gameplay videos, and also expansions gameplay videos (FR/EN) : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDjLiJHsV3eLB9MMxallAEw TricTrac, gameplay (FR only) : https://www.trictrac.net/actus/museum-de-la-partie

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

I saw a typo in the game...

Every component of the game will be thoroughly proof-read before production so don't worry. The game you see now is an advanced prototype, but a prototype nonetheless.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 04:47

If I pledge 1 euro/dollar now, can I upgrade to a full pledge later?

Yes you can! You can upgrade your pledge at any time during the campaign or after the campaign during the Pledge Manager.

Last updated: December 10, 2017 07:29

Can I pledge for the base game now, and then add expansions later in the Pledge Manager?

Yes, absolutely!

Last updated: December 09, 2017 02:55

If I pledge n copies of the game, will the shipping cost n times the base shipping rate?

No, the additionnal copies will get a reduced shipping cost. Buying add-ons will increase the shipping, but only by a small amount.

Last updated: December 14, 2017 01:40

How do I purchase multiple copies of the game / expansions?

You just need to rise your pledge accordingly. Let's say you want 3 copies of the base game, 3 of the World's Fair expansion and 2 of Chtulu's, it means 3x49€ + 3x9€ + 2x4€ for a total pledge of 182€.

Last updated: December 09, 2017 02:55

When will I be able to select the language of my copy of the game?

You will be able to select the language during the Pledge Manager.

Last updated: December 09, 2017 02:55

In which languages will Museum be available?

Everything in the base game (rules included), KS Exclusives and expansions will be available in English and French. The base game (rules included), and all Stretch Goals will be available in German, not including KS exclusives. We hope to be able to translate the Add-ons as well, but we're not sure yet, it will depend on the number of German backers and whether we can get support from German distributors.

Last updated: December 14, 2017 01:40

Au secours, je parle français!

Nous aussi :)

Vous trouverez la page Kickstarter en français ici: https://holygrail.games/museum-page-ks-francais/

Vous trouverez tous les updates les plus récents en haut de la page Kickstarter en français! Nous ajoutons également les liens vers les updates dans les commentaires à chaque fois.

Vous trouverez des vidéos en français sur notre chaine Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDjLiJHsV3eLB9MMxallAEw ainsi que sur Tric Trac!

La traduction de l'intégralité de la FAQ est en cours, mais entre temps n'hésitez pas à nous poser directement vous questions dans les commentaires de la campagne, on fera tout notre possible pour vous répondre!

Last updated: December 09, 2017 02:55

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